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I got to go to a special advance screening of The Hobbit last night thanks to my mother-in-law. It was some sort of official thing put on by this company they contract with, so there was some pretty sweet swag we got.

Overall, LOVED IT. I haven't actually read the book (I know, I know), so I can't really compare it to that. But I thought it was great.

Some general things:
1) I don't know if you heard, but after the New Zealand premiere, some people were complaining about the 48 fps causing migraines and physical illness. I didn't notice any of that, but there were a couple scenes where the camera was moving very quickly and cutting sharply at time. That did cause me to have to glance away a couple times.
2) The running time is about 2:45, so make sure you pee before the movie starts. ;-)

And now, a couple movie specific things aka spoilers, unless you've read the book )
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Saw Pitch Perfect this afternoon. I enjoyed it a great deal. Went and downloaded the soundtrack when I got home. It's fairly predictable in the standard Hollywood-fair way, but I still liked it. Rebel Wilson is HILARIOUS. Skylar Astin reminds me of a Zachary Levi in some ways. Which is good. I like Zachary. 4/5

My little car passed 75,000 miles today. With any luck, I will have a new car by the end of the month. *fingers crossed*

ETA: And I saw the Google Maps car today!! Drove by it and everything. So, in a couple months, my car could be on Google Maps! Hehe.
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I actually really wanna see this movie.... :-D

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Hubby and I went out on a double date last night to dinner and a movie. We saw This Means War. It was awesome. It was also completely ridiculous, but it's a movie that is aware of its ridiculousness so that makes it awesome. It was entirely predictable, but still quite funny. There were several places where the whole theater was laughing out loud. Including my husband and he is very picky. So, yeah. Definitely recommend it. 4/5

We've also started watching a Canadian TV series through Netflix - Slings and Arrows. It stars Paul Gross as an actor who takes over as director of a large theater festival when the current director dies. A young Rachel McAdams is one of the costars, too. It's fantastic. Weird and kooky and everything Canadian TV is. I wish we got more Canadian series down here. Seriously, they're fantastic.

I also watched the livestream of "8" last night when we got home. For those that don't know, "8" is a play that was written by Dustin Lance Black that is a dramatic retelling of the trials that led to the repealing of Prop 8 in California. I say "dramatic retelling" because it's highly condensed, but it doesn't seem like it was overly dramatized into, like, a Lifetime Movie of the Week thing, if that makes sense. It's definitely worth watching if you can find the two hours to spare. It's up here on YouTube.
More back here including political opinions that I usually never share )
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With most TV shows being on their winter hiatus, I've finally managed to make my way through some of my Netflix queue. Here are some reviews of my recent watches: Horrible Bosses, You Again and Morning Glory.

Let's all go to the lobby... )

So, yeah. That's it! :-)
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Drive )
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Ummm..... The cast looks awesome, though, so I'm sure I'll go see this anyway. ;-)
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So, I've been looking around and trying to find this short film that Chris Colfer did before Glee called "Russel Fish: The Sausage and Eggs Incident." Someone had posted the trailer somewhere and it looked interesting. After much googling, I finally found the Official Site. Which, oddly, was at the way bottom of the first google page of hits. So, anyway, I go there, see if there's any info about where I can watch/buy the film and they have a "Buy Stuff" link. So, I click. Hey, it's only $1.29. I can do that. So, I do. And then comes the Terms and Conditions page. Which is as follows:

By clicking accept you agree:

1. If you help people steal our movie, our german shepherd will not be able to eat and she’s already skinny.

2. Your mother taught you not to steal. Stealing is wrong. You are a good person for purchasing our film. But, if you upload the film onto the internet, you are a bad person.

3. If you feel you must give films away, you should give away the property of multi-national media corporations run by Australians with the initials R.M. and not plucky, independent filmmakers who are trying to stick it to “The Man.”

4. If a friend of yours caused your copy to jump to their hard drive without your consent, you hereby “pinkie-swear” that you will make them come to our website and donate $1.29.

5. A friend of ours from college sold out and became an entertainment attorney. We have compromising pictures of him holding a bong, therefore he will write nasty “cease and desist” letters to you and sue you for a gazillion dollars if you steal our film.

6. #5 is a lie. None of our friends are lawyers. We wanted to seem scary.

7. If you want to know your rights and our rights to our copyrighted material we suggest you read the itunes terms and conditions. Steve Jobs can afford really good lawyers.

8. By purchasing this film you promise not to upload it to the internet or give it away herewith that enforces the plaintiff’s aforementioned copyright.

9. We suck at this.

10. By clicking “accept” you not only get to your very own copy of an award winning film, but also accept our sincere love and appreciation. Air hug.

Come on! That right there was worth the price of the movie. I am very amused by these folks and may have to check out other short films they have produced.
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It seems like it's been forever since I've posted, like, real life stuff and not just fandom ramblings. So, I shall do some of that now. :-)

Work is driving me nuts, a little bit. But, this is nothing new. I may have posted about this before, where I'm trying to get very specific information that I need in order to do my job and was getting the run around of everyone telling me to ask everyone else. I think I finally got the someone to listen, gave them some more information that they were asking for, and got in response "Wow! That's going to be a lot of information. Are you sure that's what you need?" YES!! THAT'S WHAT I NEED!! I know it's a lot of information, but I NEED IT TO DO MY JOB. Please give it to me. I swear, I'm getting ready to pull my hair out with this.

Had my second ballet class this past Friday. The babysitting went much better. I was a little worried as Martouf has actually been going down for naps around that time now because of the teething. I was concerned he was just going to be super fussy, but he was just fine. He almost fell asleep in the car on the way home, but luckily it's a short drive and I managed to feed him a bottle before nap time. As for me, I showed up to class with my shins wrapped as a preemptive strike against my shin splints acting up. The teacher was all "Are you okay?" Yeah, it's fine. And it actually was. Class wasn't too bad. Until the end. We're getting ready to do the final combination or whatever and she asks if I'm up for jumping. My shins are feeling fine so I agree. However, if I had known what she was going to make us do, I may have declined. 64 CHANGEMENTS. Now, 99% of you probably have no idea what that is. What it is, is starting in fifth position (which is the feet crossed, heel to toe and toe to heel), you jump up, switch which foot is in front and land and repeat. And it's quick. Up down up down up down. Here's sort of an OK vid if you want to see what I'm talking about. Yeah. 64 of those in a row. That was not fun. I was IN PAIN yesterday. Ugh. My calves, too. Not just the shins. Oy.

I went to see I Am Number Four last weekend when Erin was here. I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Some spoilers )

My Glee Tickets are still for sale. If you know anyone who might want them. :-)

The Oscars are tonight! Yay!! I've actually seen some of the nominated movies this year, so I think I actually have things to be rooting for. :-) Can't wait to see what everyone's wearing! Hehe.
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Something that's somewhere between "Didn't Like It" and "Liked It." You know those movies that were just OK. You may not necessarily watch them again, but you don't feel like you just wasted two hours having sat through it. They were just "Meh." /randomthoughts
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I went to go see Black Swan this afternoon with my mom and a friend from work. It was... interesting. Definitely a Darren Aronofsky film. I think my reaction to the movie can best be summed up by, "OK, then." I can totally see why Natalie Portman got a Golden Globe nom for her role. It's really intense.

Martouf seems to be doing OK. We've given him a couple doses of Tylenol today and his fever seems to be almost gone, actually. It was down to 98.8 just a few hours ago and his last dose was at 10:30 am. He's still stuffy and sniffly and stuff. But, we may have dodged a bullet with the ear infections. *fingers still crossed*

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