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Title: S.O.B.
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats
Summary: A celebration of Dean's four favorite words. And one of his favorite leisure activities
Notes: This has been a long time coming. Like, two years. And I finally decided to buckle down a couple months ago and do it! So, I did! And now it's here! This premiered this past weekend at the Supernatural Chicago Con and now it has been released into the world! Enjoy!!

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Today was the Second Annual Fancy Dress Croquet Day at the Lakefront. It was just as fun as it was last year! Even more so cos the husband and child came with this time.

So, what Fancy Dress Croquet Day is is, last year a friend of mine had this idea that we should all dress-up like Country Club douchebags and go down to the lakefront and have a picnic and play croquet! It was just as amazing as it sounds.

Here's something funny. Last year, there was a group of girls sunbathing who were totally amused by us and thought we were hilarious. Which, is kind of the point. They came over and chatted for bit and took some pictures. This year, a couple hours into our stay, a group of girls shows up and starts sunbathing (we were in the same place as last year). They look kind of familiar and I wonder if perhaps it's the same girls that were there last year. So, we're packing up to leave this year and one of them comes over and asks if we were there last year playing croquet and stuff. IT WAS THEM! It was sooooooooo funny!! Cos, what are the odds, really?

And then the day ended with Burger Fest! My friends who live in the city are lucky cos it's literally right outside their door! I wish we could have stayed later cos The Kongos were playing tonight!! But it was too late for Martouf and we just had to get home. So, yeah...

Anywho, there are some pics behind the cut if anyone is interested in our shenangians. :-)

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Anyone else watching Younger? That show on TV Land where Sutton Foster fakes being a 26 year old Millenial so she can get a job? I know, it's sounds crazy but it's actually really good.

Anywho, season 4 premiered last night and YAY!! It was great. So good. Liza and Charles just need to get on it already. I am now firmly #TeamCharles. I was kind of just, you know, #TeamLiza, but she and Charles would be so amazing together! Also, somehow Charles is like super hot this season? I mean, he's always been an attractive man, but something is making him extra yummy right now.
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Anyone else obsessed with Orphan Black? The final season just started and I've been obsessed since Day 1. But, I just realized, have the ever answered the WHY? of it all? Why were the clones created? What does Dyad want with them? Just a general WTF is going on with it all? It's been so long between all the seasons and so much other TV happens in between I may have just forgotten if it was ever actually said in the show.

So, anyone have any answers?
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So, for those of you that have been around here long enough and remember the birth of my son (referred on Social Media sites as Martouf), he's now 7. I know, right? Anywho, that's to catch you up. He's 7. Just finished first grade and is returning to the local Y for camp this summer. He said something the other day about why he had to go to camp during the summer and one of the reasons I gave was that daddy and I work, so it's a safe place for him to go while we're in the office and stuff. He goes, "Wait. You have to work in the summer?!?!" Like, he thought we got summer off like he did with school. Oh, if only, buddy. If only. LOL
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Um, hello? Is anyone here?

I finally completely deleted my LJ after the ridiculous new TOS were posted. I think that means all the comments that imported here and at my fic comm were deleted. *shrug* Oh, well. Not much to do about that now. Anywho, I thought I might take up posting here again. Got some fun stuff coming up and no one seems to care on Tumblr? Like, no one has conversations over there anymore. So, yeah. Hi. I'm back? I think? LOL
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Sunday a good friend of mine is having a birthday dinner that I will be attending. I have mentioned this to my husband several times over the last few weeks as he tends to forget things like this so he knows I will be out in the evening and so he needs to be around to stay with Martouf.

What does he ask me last night as we're heading to bed? "Do you have any plans for Sunday?"




Taxi Driver

Apr. 3rd, 2013 09:10 pm
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Has it really been over 2 months since I last posted? Whoops...

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Finished season 1 and I have a question - what's the deal with turning? Obviously, the full moon does play a part in it, but it seems like they can also turn whenever they want if they get mad enough or whatever. Like, in the final fight with the Alpha, Derek and Scott both turned. Then in the scene after that when Scott and Allison were on her roof, the moon wasn't full. So, what's up with that? I don't recall it ever really being explained on the show.
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They are apparently also completely changing their interface to act more like Twitter!


Why do companies/blog sites do this? The reason I'm on Tumblr, is because it's Tumblr. I also have a Twitter. THEY SERVE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS IN MY ONLINE/SOCIAL NETWORKING STUFF.

This is just all so screwed up and stupid. And EVERYONE on Tumblr who has had the new interface pushed on them is SHRIEKING back to Tumblr that it does not work and actually inhibits how they interact with the site. There was something in release about streaming the site to function more like their mobile app. Again, NO.

The reason a mobile app needs to be so stripped down and bare bones and function differently is because that's on like a 3 inch screen. Your actual website does not need to imitate your mobile app. Your WEBSITE should be coded and formatted to work with computers and laptops that have 17" monitors.

LJ is becoming Tumblr. Tumblr is becoming Twitter. I guess Twitter will soon become Facebook and Facebook will be MySpace? Is the day coming when I'm finally just done with the internet in its entirety and just check email and IM with people?
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More complete episode thoughts and reactions. Pretty much positive to everything and everyone, so if there's someone you didn't like, just know that I probably did like them. At least today. ;-)

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Teen Wolf. I've been sucked in. *sigh*

Over the last couple months, most of my followers/followees have slowly gotten sucked into Teen Wolf, so I've been seeing more and more of it on my dash. The actors look cute (and Tyler is SMOKIN') and there's always really fun stories to accompany the behind the scenes and candid photos I see, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Plus, well, JR Bourne. Can't go wrong with him.

And it's good.

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Last night, I was putting Martouf to bed, he was all tucked in, lights turned out and all that. I bent down to kiss him good night and he whipped his head up and bashed right into the bridge of my nose. There was a cracking/popping noise, a little bit of blood (though more like a little blood tinged mucus), and bruising and swelling almost immediately. It is now about 19 hours later and it still hurts. Not nearly as bad as it did when it first happened, but it still doesn't feel good.

However, good news - it's not crooked. Hence why I haven't gone to the ER yet. I did do some Googling and everything seemed to say the same thing. If it's not crooked, it doesn't need to be set, so no need to see a doctor. If it's still hurting a few days later, then you might want to get it checked out. So, if by Sunday I'm still in pain, then I might head to the ER and see what they say.

So, yeah. That's my day so far.... :-)
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Ski trip was a success. Martouf LOVED it and was surprisingly very, very good at it like right away. He just instinctively knew what to do to turn and go faster. He's an amazing kid.

Here's some video if you want to see )
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Leaving in the morning for a week long ski vacation. :-) I, however, will not be skiing. This means, that I will be stuck in a cabin on the side of a mountain for five days without much to do. There is evidently WiFi, but no idea how reliable/fast it is, so I'll probably be offline for most of the time. Have fun while I'm gone, try not to burn the place down.

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So, my husband and I are currently sleeping in separate rooms. Don't worry, nothing's horribly wrong between us; it's just his snoring has gotten out of control and I can't sleep in the same room with him right now. I am not exaggerating when I say that if he is asleep, he is snoring. The whole night. No joke. It used to be that he would snore a little, I'd give him a little nudge, he'd stop, and that was that. Not so much anymore. It came to a head Thursday night when he was not only snoring the whole night, but LOUDLY. Apparently, I ended up kicking him so hard he got a huge charlie horse in his calf and he got out of bed at like 4:30 or something and went down to the couch. I did not get any sleep that night at all. Plus, I had a horrible cold, so Friday really sucked and I spent most of the day sleeping. Saturday was a little better, but I still spent most of the day napping as I was still horribly sick.

So, since Thursday we've been trading off who sleeps in our bed and who sleeps in the spare room or on the couch. He's apparently looking to find a new GP to go in for a general check-up and will bring up the snoring problem to see what they think they can do. So, yeah. That's been fun...

Here's hoping 2013 is better.
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Well, he's almost 3 so he's not really a baby, but still. :-( It started sometimes Wednesday night/Thursday morning when Martouf apparently threw up sometime during the night, but he didn't cry loud enough or some get us so we didn't see it until Thursday morning when we went to get him up for the day. He's had a bit of a fever and general cold symptoms since then, but then I was just out doing some last minute shopping and hubby called to say he woke up from his nap screaming and crying that his stomach hurt. So, they're off to the pediatrician and hopefully nothing is too seriously wrong and it's just a bad cold. But, ugh, I hate when he's sick. :-(
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I got to go to a special advance screening of The Hobbit last night thanks to my mother-in-law. It was some sort of official thing put on by this company they contract with, so there was some pretty sweet swag we got.

Overall, LOVED IT. I haven't actually read the book (I know, I know), so I can't really compare it to that. But I thought it was great.

Some general things:
1) I don't know if you heard, but after the New Zealand premiere, some people were complaining about the 48 fps causing migraines and physical illness. I didn't notice any of that, but there were a couple scenes where the camera was moving very quickly and cutting sharply at time. That did cause me to have to glance away a couple times.
2) The running time is about 2:45, so make sure you pee before the movie starts. ;-)

And now, a couple movie specific things aka spoilers, unless you've read the book )

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